Social Media Predictions 2015

Social Media Predictions 2015

2015 is upon us and we can finally turn from recaps to predictions. So get ready to see into the future. Here are our 3 social media predictions 2015.

1.Smartphone networks

Social media as we know it is due a change. A few years ago it still made sense to have a range of websites or mobile apps. But now, as smartphones are coming with inbuilt social media accessibility, the purpose of cluttered applications is less clear. You can post straight to Facebook or Twitter, or share images without opening either up. You can get notifications every time a friend updates a status.

So why is there still a chasm between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the others? Why can’t smartphones embrace what they’re becoming – social media devices? It’s likely because of the networks’ fears of being swallowed alive, becoming generic. Instead of a Facebook status, we might refer to an iPhone status. Where would that leave Mark Zuckerberg and co?

Still, it seems likely that the shift will happen. There’ll be buyouts and increased connectivity between the different partners. Those that resist will be left behind. Could 2015 signal the change?

2.Google music domination

iTunes still leads the digital music market. It has, rightfully so, since it introduced the $0.99 single and created the iTunes Store. In 2013, iTunes Radio was announced, a service which streams recommended music based on the user’s specifications. Conveniently, there is an option to buy any song that streams from within the Music app.

But iTunes are slowly slipping behind. YouTube – the undisputed leader in video streaming – is now offering a specific “music” tab. This improves the organisation and recommendations of all music on YouTube. There’ll also be an option to pay for a subscription, which gives you adfree streaming, as well as access to the already-running Google Play service. Since just about everyone uses YouTube, expect this development to make Play more popular than most other “streaming radio” services, including Spotify and LastFM.

Once all the kinks have been ironed out – which, seeing as this is Google, may be very soon – it might become easy and attractive to buy music straight from YouTube. Will Apple keep up?

And while we’re talking about the music shift…

3. YouTube release movies?

Sony were the victims of a huge, embarrassing hack. Loads of information, including Channing Tatum’s puppy-like emails, employees’ irritation with Adam Sandler movies, and embarrassing emails about what to discuss with Barack Obama. Perhaps most important, was a threat that followed, from the Guardians of Peace, that The Interview must not be released. After much uncertainty, The Interview was released on online platforms, including YouTube, to huge popularity.

But it has emerged that this move was not necessarily a spontaneous defence of free speech. It seems that Google have plans to launch a paid movie distribution service, similar to that of Netflix or iTunes, which releases Hollywood-grade movies. The initial reaction to their release of The Interview is very promising. It’s easy to see 2015 as the year that Google takes over this platform as well.

So, those are our social media predictions 2015. Google, as always, is the player to watch. This could be their year of total domination. Tell us whether or not if you agree with our social media predictions 2015.