Social Media

Social media management provides your business with a golden opportunity to connect with customers.

At 99 Quid Social we utilise Social Media to boost your brand and increase your market share.

Social Media is also important in search rankings and having active accounts will help customers find YOUR website, not your competitors.

Our London team have the knowledge and tools to make the most of your social media accounts. We create campaigns based on your goals and your customer behaviours, meaning you will get more engagement than ever before!

As an example some of our clients have the following requirements:

  • Engage with old clients to push repeat business
  • Attract new clients from your surrounding areas
  • Boost brand recognition before a Trade Show
  • Help find new staff members
  • Create a Viral Social Media Campaign for Product Launches

To help them reach these goals we offer the following social media services:

Free Social Media Setup & Optimisation

  • Don’t have a social media presence yet? Don’t worry. At 99 Quid Social we will create your accounts for you
  • Social Media Optimisation cross-references your accounts with your target audience. This ensures that you and your clients only see content that’s relevant. This is FREE OF CHARGE with all our packages. Just our way of thanking you for choosing us.

Building the RIGHT Audience

Chances are either you don’t have a great following on Social Media or you just don’t have the time to market to them.

Building the right audience is much more important than just building an audience. You want to connect with people who not only could use your products, but people who are active on social media as they are much mo9re likely to like or share your posts.

Social Media Posting

We create individual posts with business specific content. You can choose to post on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and LinkedIn either 5 or 7 days a week.

Our expert social media management team use trending hash tags and search terms to engage your audience and bring them to you.

Engagement & Interaction

On our Silver and Gold Packages we offer consumer engagement. This means that we not just follow and build your audience, but we will connect and engage with them on your behalf and give you an even more complete social media management experience. Whether it’s answering questions, congratulating them on their achievements or creating referrers – we can give you some great ideas and will work to your specification.

Any Questions?Any Questions?

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