Social Media Mad Man!

Social Media Mad Man!

So…here I am writing my first ever blog post for my own business. I had a couple of titles for this post, but I don’t think some will sit well with potential clients. I’d like to introduce myself as crazy and driven social media mad man hell bent on success. I am the person who arrives early and leaves late at networking events, I am the person who loves to talk and probably won’t shut up anytime soon. I am 27 years old and my star sign is Leo, us Leo’s are crazy in general and want to be centre of attention majority of the times . I have been driven all my life and wanted to succeed ever since I was young, I have always wanted to help others as well as myself. Coming from a working class family I never really got to enjoy all the material pleasures a kid gets to enjoy; I never had the latest consoles or wore the most fashionable clothes. – See more at:

Work Experience

I don’t remember too much from school days, all I remember is that it was a very tough time for me and I knew I had to get out. I had always believed if I worked hard then I would be successful. My first job was as a paper-boy during school which my parents never agreed with, they were typical Asian parents who believed in focusing on studying. I also later worked at Tesco, Chessington World of Adventures and Sports World during college. – See more at:

Get Paid to Party!

samitpic2Life never really got interesting until I went to university; I realised university was going to be expensive especially if I wanted to live out and enjoy the full uni experience. The uni lifestyle was pretty much partying and drinking 7 days a week. I decided to get involved in the nightclub scene and promote the various student nights. This decision would, in the next few months, pan out the next few years of my life.I went on to climb the ladder and became one the biggest club night organisers in London, I launched my own brand and organised some of the biggest clubs in London. – See more at:

Graduation and Financial Crisis?

I somehow managed to graduate with a business management degree in September 2009 even after partying for the majority of it and missing a dozen exams and assignments. I graduated in the midst of the worse financial crisis ever and jobs were very hard to come by, I knew I wanted to run my own business but figured I should put some money together and try that way. I met one of my friends who told me about their family travel business, this got me excited as it was an area I wanted to be involved in. – See more at:

Travel Company and Getting Sacked!!

iamstudentI decided to carry on running nightclub events to fund this new venture, I learnt the ins and outs of travel and launched my own student aimed brand ‘iamstudent’ in 2010. The student company did very well and I was one of the first companies to organise group packaged holidays for students, I soon realised that this was very seasonal for students and tried to venture out into other areas, however, with less success. I was running out of ideas, money and motivation. I decided to move on and go and look for work, I ended up going to work for an affiliate marketing company April 2012 and went in at a junior level to build up my experience in the corporate world. Corporate life didn’t agree with me and after one month I was sacked. I was reinvigorated with new ideas and more motivated, I created a plan and went back to the travel company. The partners did not agree with the plans and did not want to spend money, it became a constant battle to achieve anything so I left once I was presented with a new opportunity. – See more at:

Back to Basics

November 2012 I went to work with one of my friends, who I used to run nightclubs with, he had become a successful businessman getting involved in training and construction. I was given the opportunity to work for him and get involved in a few projects he had. After a year I was offered the chance to become a partner in a project; a small percentage ownership. It was a digital marketing agency, during this time I learnt a lot about the business and how to do things. It did not have the same level of success I hoped for but proved to be an important learning curve. – See more at:

The Money Moment

I looked at the market and saw an opportunity during my time at the agency; social media was a big growing market and had been for years. It was also becoming a very essential part of businesses, I wentmoneymoment along to a networking event and they presented a stat which said 54% of businesses still don’t have a website. It made me think and ask myself how many businesses have a social media presence and how many of them have an active presence? After spending weeks researching and understanding the industry I spotted a way to make things easier for businesses and my tagline social media mad man was penned. – See more at:

99Quid Social is Born

Some of the main problems businesses have with social media is not having enough time and not understanding the best practices. August 2014 99Quid Social was born, 99Quid Social puts customers first and is a social media management service that focuses on delivering the best results at an affordable price. All work is done in-house in our London office to maintain quality of service, our posts are created by creative individuals. We have spent months developing software to make sure we work efficiently and productively, which helps clients increase engagement on social media. – See more at:

worlddominationSocial Media Mad Man & The Vision

My vision for 99Quid Social is to be the biggest social media management company on the planet, I want every business to join the conversations happening online. A more connected business world leads to more growth and creative partnerships. I believe by this time next year 99Quid Social will be a major player in the social media scene, helping redefine the industry and building up innovation. We want to play a major part in supporting businesses whether they are start-ups or blue chip companies. – See more at:

I am always available for a talk and love meeting people, so if you have any questions than please let me know. Feel free to add me on the various social networks and follow. – See more at:

Yours truly the social media mad man


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