How to Grow Twitter Followers Fast

How to Grow Twitter Followers Fast

How to grow Twitter followers is the holy grail of Twitter marketing. Everyone has this question on their minds when they first join the social media giant, the simple answer is it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. This raises a question in itself, can you as a business owner afford your valuable time to growing your twitter followers? Its not just a simple case of scheduling posts like many believe, this is just the beginning. For those of you that can afford the time, read on.

If you want to successfully use Twitter for marketing your business, you’re going to need followers – lots of them. But trolling the web for followers can be more harmful for your business than it does good. Everyone hates spammers, trolls, and businesses which look desperate. Twitter houses plenty of the above, and, even when they reach high numbers of followers, they’re often: the wrong market; following only for your follow back; new initiates who will follow whoever trolls them. Those are not the customers you’re looking for with your social media marketing campaigns.

There are ways in which to ensure you grow Twitter followers who care about your brand without trolling. Here are 5 quick tips:

1. Quality profile picture and Great Bio

There are those who use Twitter as a popularity contest, and, again, those users are not who matter. Social media marketing is aimed at considered customers. And those users will be looking for quality Twitter accounts to follow. So, first things first, have a compelling image. People really are drawn to eye-catching images. Have something striking, that represents your brand, but makes people interested regardless of your brand.

Businesses should also have a well written bio, it should be short and to the point. If you could summaries your business is one sentence what would you write? Make sure to include keywords and you could even hash-tag them to make them stand out.

2. Quality write-up grow Twitter followers

Next, and perhaps most important for the sake of your branding, is to have a quality write-up. It must be interesting, yet concise. It must sell your brand, without coming across as needy. Serious Twitter users do not want to follow trolls and spammers, and so your profile must look professional, interesting, and well-maintained. You can post content around your industry, don’t be afraid to share news from news sources. If people find the content you share interesting you will keep them following you and interested in your products.

Businesses need to remember some purchases are not immediate, customers who find a business interesting may decide to follow them on social media but may not purchase. Keeping your social media updated and engaging is essential to win over these customers and turn them from being interested to purchasing.

3. Entertainment

You want to grow Twitter followers – because you want to market your product to them. But you can’t make that obvious. Who chooses to watch adverts on TV when they can skip through them? It’s the same with social media marketing. Why should anyone choose to see your adverts.

The answer is – you’re providing more than just marketing. You’re providing entertaining content, that is up to date with current events, that engages followers in discussion. Post links to funny images, videos and news stories. And throughout, remember to use hashtags. Hashtags are what put you on the Twitter map. Use the right combination – by keeping up to date with what’s trending – and only occasionally create a funny one of your own for entertainment purposes.

You can use a program called Klout which helps track your performance and influence on social media for your industry. You can review your performance on social media and use it as a benchmark to see how you grow twitter followers over time.

4. Direct people to your social media accounts

Websites are still very important and should not be underestimated. Many internet users will use the old-fashioned Google search to find a product. But once they’re there, you want to keep them. So, clearly indicate your social media accounts on your page. Make sure there are clear links to your Twitter, Facebook, etc. The website will catch their attention, social media will keep them with you. So many businesses fail to do the basics like having social media links at the bottom of their email or including social media links on their website, this is an obvious tip but one that many people forget to use when trying to grow twitter followers.

5. Focus on numbers (when necessary)

Yes, you want new followers who care. But a large contingent of followers helps attract new followers. If you’re struggling to get your account off the ground, you can use the quick fix options. Follow users who’ll follow you back. Follow their followers. Use keywords related to your brand to find users to follow who may follow you back. Send direct messages to related profiles – a foolproof way to earn goodwill.

We recommend using tools like Tweepi and Refollow to grow twitter followers. These are highly useful in helping breakdown users that follow you and help you target users that you would like to attract. This does involve unfollow and follow tactics, some people find this unethical and spammy. I will leave the case up to your judgement.

I would suggest doing the following if you are just starting, follow 100 people a day for 3 days. Than unfollow 50 people not following back for the next 3 days and repeat. You should after 12 days have at least 50 new followers. You can use a variation of this tactic, but use at your own risk. Twitter does ban users that use this strategy extensively, i would recommend using this method sparingly and spread throughout the month.

The most important way, of course, is to have quality content, creating a social media presence with dignity, rather than desperation. So, use the above tips at your discretion, and ultimately do your best to improve your brand.Nothing beats hard work and dedication, if you work hard on social media and build it up organically than you will have a much more powerful social media. If this all seems like too much hard work than you always have us